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Yoga teacher, practicing yoga since 1997, teaching since 2003, writer/translator, global soul, world traveller (and sometimes beyond), passionate about eastern philosophy and western psychology, especially its application in mind-body practices such as yoga and somatic movement therapy, deeply in love with life, knows that our greatest teacher lies within, also sometimes a total mess - it's part of the package!

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    Asana and Yoga Anatomy

    Monday, July 11. 2011

    Inspirational quotes from Leslie Kaminoff...


    "The foot is the only part of your body that has evolved specifically for the purpose of having a relationship with the Earth."

    "The support for your breath, your diaphragm and everything starts in the arches of your feet."

    "Nature in all of its wisdom has placed 75-85% of the body’s proprioceptors in the region of the ankle." [proprioceptor: a mechanical receptor within a joint structure that delivers sensory information to your nervous system]

    "Unless we can get good information from our ankles we have no hope of keeping that centerline of gravity somewhere within our base of support so we don’t fall over. But when the surfaces that we’re interacting with are predictable we lose that sensitivity. We get weak in the sensory part of the process and the motor part as well. We tend to have weak feet in general and Western society."

    "The calves are your second heart." [because of the role they play in helping to pump venous blood from the lower extremities]

    "Focus on the core of what you're doing: base of support, center of gravity, range of motion. BOS-COG-ROM." [Leslie on the hierarchy of values in constructing an asana, and finding balance and equilibrium]

    "Go forth and love your spirals. Play with your arm supports, and see what happens!"

    "You can't integrate the pieces until you can differentiate them, and that for most people is a big deal—most people don't even register on a sensory level that there's a distinction between their shoulder blades and their upper back."

    "What do you tell someone who's really stiff - "You can't do yoga"? Actually, no. You say, "You can. You don't have to be flexible to do yoga. You might get more flexibility doing yoga, but you also might learn to be a little bit more at peace with some of the restrictions that are just there, that you don't want to be constantly struggling against." And the surprising thing is, once you make peace with those, that's when they really actually start transforming in ways you couldn't possibly imagine."

    "How do you know when you're flexible enough? One way is to go too far and injure yourself. That seems to be the preferred way of learning that lesson, which after all makes sense, because how would you know that there even should be this concept of stopping until something like an injury stops you?"

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    Five Classical Techniques in Dynamic Yoga

    Saturday, November 6. 2010

    Dynamic Yoga is based on the integration of the five classical techniques of yoga:
       - asana (stillness)
       - vinyasa (movement)
       - bandha (integration)
       - pranayama (breathing)
       - drishti (focus, awareness)

    Each of these is a dynamic, direct expression of one of the five primary energies of existence:
       - stability
       - motion
       - transformation
       - extension
       - emergence

    They are symbolically defined as the five elements (tattvas) of the natural world:
       - earth (stability) —> asana
       - water (motion) —> vinyasa
       - fire (transformation) —> bandha
       - air (extension)> —> pranayama
       - space (emergence) —> drishti

    More about the five elements in Dynamic Yoga >>
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