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Yoga teacher, practicing yoga since 1997, teaching since 2003, writer/translator, global soul, world traveller (and sometimes beyond), passionate about eastern philosophy and western psychology, especially its application in mind-body practices such as yoga and somatic movement therapy, deeply in love with life, knows that our greatest teacher lies within, also sometimes a total mess - it's part of the package!

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    Five Classical Techniques in Dynamic Yoga

    Saturday, November 6. 2010

    Dynamic Yoga is based on the integration of the five classical techniques of yoga:
       - asana (stillness)
       - vinyasa (movement)
       - bandha (integration)
       - pranayama (breathing)
       - drishti (focus, awareness)

    Each of these is a dynamic, direct expression of one of the five primary energies of existence:
       - stability
       - motion
       - transformation
       - extension
       - emergence

    They are symbolically defined as the five elements (tattvas) of the natural world:
       - earth (stability) —> asana
       - water (motion) —> vinyasa
       - fire (transformation) —> bandha
       - air (extension)> —> pranayama
       - space (emergence) —> drishti

    More about the five elements in Dynamic Yoga >>

    Five Elements in Dynamic Yoga

    Friday, November 5. 2010

    Dynamic Yoga uses five techniques (elements, or tattvas in Sanskrit) to integrate body, mind, and breath:

        - earth (stability) —> asana
        - water (motion) —> vinyasa
        - fire (transformation) —> bandha
        - air (extension)> —> pranayama
        - space (emergence) —> drishti

    Using these five techniques to integrate body, mind, and breath, Dynamic Yoga aims to improve and release the practitioner's awareness of life:

    Earth—Each posture (asana) uses correct alignment to bring stability to the posture. Practiced with steadiness (sthira) and ease (sukha), it frees the body of tension and calms the mind.

    Water—The flowing practice of entering, leaving and linking each posture (vinyasa) creates harmony.

    Fire—Using muscular locks (bandha) in each posture the spine is stabilized and a cleansing and healing quality is given to each posture.

    Air—Breathing techniques (pranayama) bring a calm lightness to the postures facilitating the cleansing and healing process.

    Space (Ether)—Focused attention is used in each posture to bring conscious awareness to body and mind (drishti), creating space and freedom in movement and thought.

    Consider the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, space ... and the qualities these elements represent for you:
       - Earth grounds us
       - Water brings us flexibility and harmony
       - Fire drives us forward
       - Air frees us
       - Space brings conscious awareness to body and mind

    With which element do you most strongly identify? Which element would bring more balance to your life?

    Once you are able to identify the element of your individual strength and the qualities of the element you might seek in your life, let that knowledge permeate your yoga practice. It is through the balance of the five elements that you find balance in your yoga practice and balance in your life.

    More about the benefits of Dynamic Yoga >>

    Benefits of Dynamic Yoga

    Thursday, November 4. 2010

    The Dynamic Yoga method provides an integrative yoga practice centered around balance. Benefits are quick, dramatic, and far-reaching:

    The postures stretch, tone and strengthen the entire skeletal system, working not only the body’s frame but the internal organs, glands and nerves as well. Concentration and attention in each posture encourage deep body awareness and relaxation. Breathing exercises refresh and cleanse the body and help to calm the mind.

    The union (yoga) of these techniques release physical and mental tension, cultivate increased mental awareness and clarity, and liberate vast reserves of energy. The results are improved vitality and flexibility, enhanced immune system response, increased muscle and bone strength, and capability for relaxation. With gentle, persistent, and patient practice, Dynamic Yoga releases self-limiting habits in body and mind, assisting each practitioner to realize their potential and discover their true nature.

    For more information about Dynamic Yoga and espritrelax classes, workshops and retreats please contact Karin.
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