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Yoga teacher, practicing yoga since 1997, teaching since 2003, writer/translator, global soul, world traveller (and sometimes beyond), passionate about eastern philosophy and western psychology, especially its application in mind-body practices such as yoga and somatic movement therapy, deeply in love with life, knows that our greatest teacher lies within, also sometimes a total mess - it's part of the package!

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    Gudi Padwa - Start of the Hindu New Year

    Tuesday, March 16. 2010

    Today, 16th of March 2010, is Gudi Padwa, the first day of the Marathi calendar and the beginning of the Hindu New Year. It also marks he beginning of Spring ... well almost, only 4 days to go, then winter is officially over. The word padwa is derived from pratipada, the first day of a lunar month or the first day after no-moon day (Amavasya).

    Gudi Padwa is primarily celebrated in Maharashtra. It is a joyous festival, the origins of which can be traced back to various legends embedded in Hindu scriptures.

    The Brahma Purana holds that it was on a Gudi Padwa day that Lord Brahma created the world again after a devastating deluge and time started ticking henceforth. Gudi Padwa is therefore specially dedicated to the worship of Lord Brahma. Special flags known as Gudhis or Brahmadhvaj, which means "the flag of Brahma", are raised by Maharashtrians outside the house in honour of Lord Brahma.

    A Gudhi is usually made of a long bamboo or wooden stick. A piece of silk or cotton cloth is wrapped around one end of the stick like a flag, and a pot is placed on top with a garland of flowers. Raising of the Gudhi symbolizes hope, happiness, joy, and glory. It wards off evil and invites prosperity and good luck into the house.

    According to the Indian lunar calendar, there are three and half days in a year whose every moment is auspicious. Gudhi Padwa is one of those three days. Every moment tomorrow is considered auspicious to start new ventures.

    More info about Gudi Padwa can be found on Wiki.
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